SOUND FORGE Advanced audio waveform editor for PC

Postproduction. Postmodern.

SOUND FORGE Pro 11 is the editor's choice for shaping audio in an infinite variety of ways. Our latest edition comes prepared to deliver broadcast ready, master quality finished products right out of the gate, using its own popular built-in signal and effects processing tools as well as premier contributions from our staple of high-end DSP developers.

Native DSP

SOUND FORGE Pro 11 includes a comprehensive selection of native signal and effects processes including normalization, Wave Hammer compression and limiting, graphic and multiband dynamics, noise gating, graphic/paragraphic/parametric equalization, envelope generation, phasing, flanging and chorus, reverb, tremolo and vibrato, distortion, pitch modifiers, the amazing Acoustic Mirror convolution reverb, the Gapper/Snipper effects processor, and more.

Native DSP

New plug-in chain interface

SOUND FORGE Pro 11 features a new floating Plug-in Chain window that provides a significantly refined workspace for conducting non-destructive signal and effects processing operations. Dock the chain and enjoy direct access to every component of the processing environment. Easily manage plug-in order, presets, interface controls, envelope automation and bypass controls, and retain unique plug-in configurations for every open data window.

New plug-in chain interface

CALM-targeted metering

The latest metering options in SOUND FORGE finally end the loudness war. The Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act (CALM) regulates the overal volume during commercial breaks. It is comparable to EBU loudness recommendation R128.

Integrated disc-at-once CD burning

SOUND FORGE Pro 11 includes fully integrated DAO CD mastering. Generate Red Book compliant masters for duplication. Perform PQ code editing, add CD text and metadata, and prepare high resolution audio tracks with iZotope resampling technology.

Gracenote® CD album identification

SOUND FORGE Pro 11 software supports the Gracenote MusicID Media Recognition Service. Extract or submit information including track, title, artist and more.

Channel converter for multichannel files

The SOUND FORGE Pro 11 Channel Converter tool supports multichannel formats for easy downmixing of multichannel files to stereo or mono.

Do not disturb: advanced audio restoration and repair options

SOUND FORGE Pro 11 offers transparent access to powerful, open-ended restore and repair options. Our native Noise Reduction 2 collection of plug-ins (Noise Reduction, Audio Restoration, Click and Crackle Removal, and Clipped Peak Restoration) remains on deck as standard equipment and is the ideal solution for common problems.

In addition, new tools from iZotope as well as exclusive, seamless interoperability with our own SpectraLayers Pro advanced spectral editing application, make this edition of SOUND FORGE Pro the absolute ultimate in repair and restore technology, in terms of options, sheer power, convenience, and workflow.

Do not disturb: advanced audio restoration and repair options

zplane™ élastique timestretch

élastique makes time-stretching artifacts obsolete. Based on state-of-the-art psychoacoustic models and signal processing theory, the result is stable timing, interchannel phase coherence, and sample-accurate stretching. Achieve formant-preserving pitch shifting that avoids the well-known pitfalls that can occur when pitching up or down. Choose from various stretching methods that are tailored to your source audio, and adjust settings while previewing.

Zplane™ élastique timestretch

Phase scope and mono-compatibility metering

Use the Phase Scope in SOUND FORGE Pro 11 to find phase cancellation among the channels in an audio file. Meter types include Lissajous - XY Plot, Lissajous - Rotated, Polar - Linear Plot, and Polar - Circular Plot. The mono compatibility meter helps detect correlations or differences between the channels of a file that can cause phase cancellation when downmixing to mono.

Phase scope andmono-compatibilitymetering

Multichannel-capable spectrum analysis

View frequencies and overtones of different channels within an audio file. The Spectrum Analysis tool shows multiple graphs depending on how many channels are selected. Observe fundamental frequencies and overtones in your recordings. Monitor audio and effects changes, take multiple snapshots, and overlay views to compare and match frequencies. Toolbar buttons include choices for FFT size and normal or sonogram view.

Multichannel-capable spectrum analysis

Application scripting

Use scripting to automate common tasks and create customized features. Application scripting tools include the Script Editor window and toolbar. Additionally, SOUND FORGE Pro 11 software includes scripts for commonly used tasks. Scripting languages supported are C#, JScript, and VBScript.

Clipped peak detection and marking

SOUND FORGE Pro 11 software automatically scans files and marks clipped peaks. Scan results are reflected in the Regions List for immediate identification.

Batch conversion

With Batch Conversion, you can apply the same effects and processes to multiple files, saving hours of editing time. Convert digital audio files into different formats including MP3, FLAC, AIF, and more. Simply add a group of files to the Batch Conversion interface, select an effect or process, and run the script. You can also save and recall your most frequently used batch scripts.

Acoustic Mirror™ software plug-in

Apply real physical space and signal path environments to your audio, including bridges, churches, concert halls, modern and classic microphones, and more.