essentialFX Suite The perfect tool set for every mix

The essentialFX plugin in detail

In addition to using high quality algorithms, essentialFX features clearly laid out individual parameters and efficient operation. The suite's uniform controls, combined with low resource consumption and high-quality output, make it the perfect studio tool.

eFX Gate / eFX Vocal Strip / eFX Compressor

eFX Gate

A flexible gate with optional soft knee characteristics and sidechain filter function for ducking effects.

eFX Vocal Strip

An optimized channel strip with compressor, deEsser, gate, highpass filter and tone shaping for recordings containing vocals or speech.

eFX Compressor

A classic compressor with soft clip function and advanced sidechain filter feature.

eFX Tremolo Pan / eFX Chorus Flanger / eFX deEsser

eFX Tremolo Pan

A tremolo effect with optional tempo sync function and parameters for rate, shape, tremolo and panorama.

eFX Chorus Flanger

A traditional chorus/flanger effect with adjustable rate, depth, feedback and mix settings.

eFX deEsser

A dynamic plug-in for reducing unwanted sibilants in speech and vocal recordings.

eFX Phaser / eFX Tubestage / eFX Limiter

eFX Phaser

A classic phaser effect with adjustable rate, depth, feedback and mix settings.

eFX Tubestage

An authentic analog tube amplifier simulation with an oversampling mode.

eFX Limiter

An efficient dynamic tool for increasing the loudness of the audio signal and preventing clipping.

eFX Reverb / eFX Stereo Delay

eFX Reverb

Reverb plug-in for creating versatile reverb effects - from short to long reverberations.

eFX Stereo Delay

Stereo delay with individually adjustable delays for both channels, as well as a tempo sync feature.

MAGIX essentialFX Suite

The essentialFX Suite is a high-quality collection of 11 top-quality VST plug-ins for studio mixing and effects.

MAGIX essentialFX Suite

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