SpectraLayers Pro 4 Professional spectral editing

What's new in SpectraLayers Pro 4

Revolutionary audio editing: SpectraLayers Pro 4. The latest update is impressive with optimized workflows and improved performance as a standalone version as well as in cooperation with other programs such as Sound Forge Pro and AVID Pro Tools®.

SpectraLayers Pro

Grouping layers for mixing

Add various levels to virtual groups in the mix. You can separate these by color from the rest and subdivide even more if you want.

Groups can be easily adjusted, muted and played back solo.

Faster selection: "Lock to Frequency"

"Lock to Frequency" offers extensive support for when you need to select individual frequency spectra. The algorithm sets the areas you have selected automatically!

"Lock to Frequency" simplifies the editing process hugely, since you can edit just the preselected frequencies in the full spectrum.

Seamless multi-project management

Now you can work on multiple projects simultaneously in new tabs and switch easily between them.

Files can be exchanged and applied between different projects.

Works seamlessly with AVID Pro Tools

Launch SpectraLayers Pro directly from the AudioSuite menu in AVID Pro Tools®. You can then work with spectral editing within the normal environment. Then, export the audio data you've edited back into the Pro Tools Timeline with sample-accurate precision.

Works seamlessly with AVID Pro Tools

Other highlights

A new layer for waveform

A new layer for waveform

The program offers innovative editing options with re-interpreted image and video production technology. With options such as spectral compositing, it establishes an entirely new paradigm for creative music and audio design.

Spectral editing in real time

Spectral editing in real time

Speed, redefined: Edit the frequency spectrum in real time. All changes you make can be previewed and visualized immediately. This makes SpectraLayers Pro 4 one of the fastest spectral editing solutions available.

A new dimension for audio editing

Easily switch to 3D spectral view. Gain new insights into the structure, composition the nature of your audio data with 3D displace mode. Designed specifically for mastering, spectrum comparison for various layers in 3D offers even you more creative possibilities.




Control the whole spectrum

With SpectraLayers Pro, you have maximum control of the entire audio spectrum. Use precise tools such as overtone, frequency or magic wand in creative ways on your audio files. And the comprehensive Preferences panel makes SpectraLayers Pro configuration and personalization easy.

SpectraLayers Pro 4 (PC & MAC)

SpectraLayers Pro 4 (PC & MAC)

Edit frequency spectrum in your audio files with the unique layers concept in SpectraLayers Pro.

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Audio Master Suite 2.5 (PC)

Audio Master Suite 2.5 (PC)

SpectraLayers Pro 4 is also available in Audio Master Suite 2.5.

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