Sequoia Audio production, broadcasting and mastering par excellence.

For cinematic post-production.

Sequoia guarantees precision, stability and reliability when it comes to dubbing.

The powerful audio engine makes it possible to easily edit and mix complex arrangements and sound effects in video productions.

Video import and export

Sequoia's video features make it possible to edit video material for dubbing and post-production. Multiple videos can be loaded into Sequoia natively. Make sure you use uncompressed (or minimally compressed) formats, since positioning and editing these is much faster.

It's also possible to export videos from Sequoia. This is especially useful when video material has been edited or to create a preview copy for clients.

Video import and export

Synchronized video recording

The video recording feature allows you to record audio at the same time as video. Recording can be done on any available recording device present in the system. For example, a reference video track can be recorded in order to document additional stage sound for editing and mixing later.

It's possible to connect analog recording devices, such as webcams, video capture sticks and even professional video cards from Blackmagic (e.g. Intensity Pro and DeckLink), as well as DV cameras and DV converters (e.g. Canopus ADVC-110) through the FireWire port.

Independence sampler workstation

Independence is the ultimate sampler workstation for professional music production in the studio and for live productions. The first class Premium Sample Library with 70 GB of content and hundreds of instruments, arranger and step sequencer patches make Independence one of the most powerful tools for creating sample-based compositions.

  • Newly designed audio engine
  • 70 GB Premium Sample Library
  • Loads VST effects and VST instruments from third-party providers.
  • Supports up to 8 CPU cores
  • Drag & drop support for audio and MIDI files
  • Incredible file browser with attribute-based batch processing

AAF/OMF import and export.

Sequoia offers integrated OMF/AAF support, making it possible to exchange projects between programs and platforms. AAF is the preferred exchange format due to its larger feature set and open documentation.

Together with the project export for Video Pro X and compatibility with other products from the Samplitude/Sequoia family, Sequoia can be seamlessly integrated into almost every form of digital audio editing without slowing down the workflow.

Timecode track

Now you can display the SMPTE timecode of a timecode track using the time display in Sequoia. To do so, define the track containing the timecode in the form of an audio file as a timecode track. This is most relevant to post-production projects, so that a recorded timecode can be displayed as a reference when editing in Sequoia

Timecode track