Samplitude Pro X2 Suite
Master your ideas.

Music production & composition

Extensive options for producing scores and MIDI editing and numerous virtual instruments: Inspiration in every detail.

Every day is Independence Day.

Independence Sampler

The Independence Sampler Workstation is a collection of sample instruments for professional film music, electronic music productions, sound design and live performances.

Samplitude Pro X2 includes more than 12 GB of content. The Samplitude Pro X2 Suite offers an impressive 70 GB premium sound database, including drums, percussion, acoustic and electric guitars/bass, pop wind instruments, saxophones, synthesizers, a complete symphony orchestra and many more instruments.

Independence Sampler

Revolta 2

12-voice polyphony, a noise generator and an extensive modulation matrix: Revolta 2 offers revolutionary sound design for every type of electronic music. This virtual analog synthesizer comes complete with an integrated step sequencer and effects section.

Loop Designer

The Loop Designer is an efficient tool for editing Drum & Bass patterns in detail. You can rearrange pre-made grooves, loops and audio files manually or using the randomize feature. The Loop Designer is also excellent for programming bass sequences.

DN-e1 Synthesizer

The DN-e1 virtual synthesizer introduces an electronic aesthetic to your compositions. Dark electro sounds, dreamy synthetic melodies and complex arpeggios: The DN-e1 begs to be played with its extravagant filters & excellent envelope design.

Beatbox 2 Plus

The BeatBox 2 Plus drum machine offers various refined drum kits, high-quality percussion effects and countless options for customizing sound.

For example, you can use the step sequencer to program automations for rhythmically complex sound sequences and then import, edit and completely integrate your own drum samples into the beat section.


The Robota four-part drum computer uses an extraordinary sample mix and oscillators to generate sound. Music producers with an affinity for experimentation can use this object synth to create both classical drum sounds as well as strange sounds for unusual arrangements.


Vita combines various sample-based instruments into one easy-to-use interface. In addition to the impressive selection of sounds, Vita also offers modulation options: Filter, delay, reverb, amp and dynamic effects are easy to find and use.

Bass Machine Pro

Razor sharp sawtooth, MoTown bass licks, or energized wobble bass: The Bass Machine lets you create hard-hitting bass lines like clockwork – and thanks to flexible filter, compression and distortion options, each one is perfectly unique.

Rock Drums

Rock Drums: Realistic drums in incredible quality. A dynamic feel, practical editing features and the option to simulate various room sounds (e.g. studio or club) make Rock Drums a strong instrument for creating a rhythmic base in high-quality music productions.

Vintage Organ

The classic organ sounds of the 60s and 70s represent the heart of the Vintage Organ. The funk & jazz-inspired sounds of the Vintage Organ are characterized by their precise and realistic sound. Despite classical influences, the controls keep pace with modern innovations. Let yourself be inspired by the warm timbre of this organ or distorted overdrive effects.

Additional instruments in the Samplitude Pro X2 Suite

Analog Synths

This virtual instrument features the authentic sounds of legendary analog synthesizers as well as freely-interpreted sounds. It provides you with a virtual synthesizer featuring a fascinating sound and extensive options for creating custom sounds.

Analog synths

Urban Drums

This drum machine, with its 8-bit camouflage look, was destined for urban music productions. Impressive presets for hip hop & dubstep, as well as dedicated settings options for parameters such as bit crush and distortion, bring the language of the street to your drum tracks.

Urban Drums

Electric Piano

The Electric Piano shifts between timeless elegance and suppressed aggression. Despite its versatility, the Electric Piano's sound processing and modulation options feature an organic sound character.

Electric Piano

String Ensemble

This orchestral string instrument introduces stylish accents to classical music productions. The String Ensemble guarantees an authentic sound – but it can also be used to create dance productions, soundtracks and pop arrangements, thanks to various features such as the noise controller, editable play styles (tremolo, legato, pizzicato, etc.) and electronic distortion.

String Ensemble

MIDI editor

MIDI data can be imported to and exported from Samplitude Pro X2 at any time via the new screen keyboard, MIDI controllers, or via the mouse and then processed with internal editors.

The MIDI editor integrates different editors, views, ranges, and tools. For example, a piano roll, drum editor, score editor, controller editor (e.g. velocity, MIDI volume, etc.), and an event list are all available. You can also specifically set and change any parameter such as velocity, sustain, and other effects. MIDI quantization is also possible without any additional steps.

The beginning of notes, note length and pitch are all precisely displayed in the piano roll. You can copy, move, lengthen, shorten and play back all notes here.

MIDI Editor

MIDI Velocity Dynamics

"Velocity Dynamics" is a real-time effect for MIDI data which allows you to edit the attack dynamics of the MIDI notes. You can adjust the MIDI velocity on the connected synthesizer, e.g. to adjust MIDI synths or VSTi, thereby compressing or expanding the velocity strength of the selected event.

Drum Editor

The drum editor in Samplitude Pro X2 lets you transfer note settings between drums and assign individual drum elements their own quantization and (MIDI) output channel.

The drum editor can be operated in two different viewing modes. The matrix mode displays notes with standard parameters, such as the beginning of the note, note length and pitch. The cell mode allows you to adjust the width of notes and define a view quantize grid per instrument.

Music notation

From idea to finished score: Music notation in Samplitude Pro X2 displays MIDI data as notes in real time. When you edit, delete, move or adjust the length of MIDI data, these changes are immediately displayed in the score. If you insert a new note in the editor, a corresponding "MIDI note on" event is created immediately.

Individual notations can be selected by clicking on them, and you can also edit pitch, velocity and length in the parameters. When your composition is finished, you can easily print the data as sheet music.

Music notation

Screen Keyboard

The new screen keyboard is optimized for touch control and contains a MIDI chord/arpeggio feature. This allows you to sketch out new ideas on the go without the need for additional equipment.

Screen Keyboard