Samplitude Music Studio Everything a musician needs.

Virtual instruments

Who says you need to be a drummer to play the drums or a guitarist to blast power chords through the amp? Produce and improvise your own melodies and beats intuitively or develop complex drum loops all with the click of a mouse.

Drop the beat: Full drum section

Funky & fresh: Pop Drums

These new drums include both acoustic and electronic drum sets. This means the Pop Drums can be used in rock, funk and metal tracks as well as drum & bass. Easily access the reverb, delay, compressor & distortion parameters via the clear interface.

Try out various kicks, toms and snare within the drum set and combine. It also includes faders for modifying the drum's design in real time.

Funky & fresh: Pop Drums

Drum roll: Rock Drums

Play this authentic rock drum with your keyboard or produce grooves using the MIDI editor. It combines excellent controls with masterfully sampled drum kits.

Become a jazz giant with the Jazz Drums

Show off your improvisation skills and get inspired to create new grooves with the Southern jazz vibe of this instrument.

Drum Engine for beat production

Start the Drum Engine and get the creative heart of your Techno, Electro and Minimal productions beating faster.

The Drum Engine's appearance is inspired by classical drum computers, while its sound stands out with heavy kicks.

Drum Engine for beat production

Soundtrack Percussion

Add accents to songs using authentic rhythms, exciting grooves and exotic sounds. With steel drums, bright sounding bells and a powerful gong, you can recreate sounds from all over the world.

Loop Designer

Develop precise drum loops, breaks and basslines in the Loop Designer's clear interface. Combine rhythmic patterns with various filters or let the Loop Designer produce grooves with the reverse and random functions.

Drum & Bass Machine: Robota

Drum & Bass Machine: Robota

Combine electronic beats with synthetic bass in this Drum & Bass machine.

A total of four voices can be filled with kicks, percussion, snares, FX and bass sounds. Each element has its own range of effects and modulation options. Start by selecting a setup for Rock, Techno, Electro and other genres and work with the pre-programmed loops and sets for that setup.

BeatBox 2: Drum Machine

BeatBox 2: Drum Machine

From kicks & claps to snares & hi-hats - find your sound by choosing from a selection of electronic drum kits or load your own sounds & samples.

Develop the beat by clicking in a grid magnified by 8, 16 or 32 - perfect timing is ensured.

A whole orchestra of instruments

Church Organ

Add an impressive virtual organ sound to your tracks. This Church Organ lets you create dramatic moments and epic masterpieces that will give your listeners goosebumps.

Concert Grand

Give your melodies a concert hall character with the Concert Grand. The powerful sound of this piano shines through in modern pop production as well as classical symphonies.

Vita 2 Sample Player

An authentically sampled wind instrument section, opulent strings, acoustic drum kits and percussion sets from Africa and Asia - the quality of each sample comes through in Vita 2.


Add power in the background with the sonorous Choir virtual instrument (male, female or mixed voices) or create entire melodies with this instrument.

Folk Instruments

The traditional Folk Instruments contains sounds that go back to the roots. Improvise with banjo, piano, percussion and folk bass in modern House and EDM productions.


The sound of the virtual accordion is great not just for traditional French folk songs, but sounds fantastic in modern house productions or folk-based singer/songwriter music

Select one of two versions, "Styrian" or"Bandoneon", and edit the sound with filters and effects directly in the instrument.

Cinematic Soundscapes

Create an expansive array of mysterious, otherworldly sounds. This instrument lets you design atmospheric compositions with cinematic elements.

Cinematic Soundscapes

Synthesizers: Instrumental for a unique sound

Cinematic Synth

Cinematic Synth

This synth contains a huge sound library of icy-cold pads, cinematic bells, pumping percussion elements and dark basslines.

Lead Synth

Lead Synth

A broad spectrum of pulsating synth sounds bring the right vibes for your dance tracks. Guaranteed to get your listeners in a good mood.



Create complex melodies and improvise with bizarre electronic sounds from the world of Revolta 2. Edit waveforms using two oscillators and program sound patterns you've made using the integrated step sequencer.

DN-e1 Synthesizer

DN-e1 Synthesizer

This flagship among the virtual analog synthesizers gives you even more freedom to express yourself with unconventional drums, extremely deep bass and abstract electronic sounds.

Create your own sounds

Vita Sampler

The Vita Sampler is the ideal tool for Hip Hop and Electro producers.

Drag & drop sounds and audio files into the sampler. Sound samples from your material are selected at random and assigned to 8 virtual pads. You can control these experimental sounds via MIDI and play them like any of the other virtual instruments.