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Update Service

The new update features in overview:

March 2016 | August 2016 | November 2016

November 2016

A whole new world of sounds

Customize your version of Music Maker with more than 100 Soundpools and over 20 software instruments. Log in to the store directly within the program and add new content in a few clicks.

August 2016 MAGIX Music Maker Premium

Update Service: Now also available for Music Maker Live and Music Maker


Dubstep, Hip Hop, Techno, Rock Pop, Jazz, Deep House, Score, Chillout, Dance, Ambient, Trap, Brasil 66

New software instruments

Cinematic Soundscapes, Church Organ, Concert Grand, Pop Drums, Lead Synth

Additional instruments

Synthesizer DN-e1, Jazz Drums, Drum Engine, Loop Designer, Vita Sampler, Vita 2 Sample Player

  • 8,000 sounds & loops
  • 12 Soundpools
  • 12 software instruments
  • Orange Vocoder ME
  • New Media Pool
  • Live Pad mode

March 2016 MAGIX Music Maker Premium

  • The first Music Maker Premium with Update Service
  • 6,500 sounds & loops
  • 10 Soundpools: Rock Pop, 80s, Hip Hop, Deep House, Techno, Chillout, Chart Hits, Trap, Metal and Movie Score.
  • 17 virtual instruments
  • The free MAGIX Audio Remote companion app
  • New effects and mastering area
  • New screen keyboard
  • New time stretching & pitch shifting
  • VST3 interface

Software Instruments

Soundtrack Percussion
A huge percussion section for creating cinematic rhythms, dramatic climaxes and exciting grooves.

Concert Guitar
The wonderful acoustic sound of this concert guitar combines Spanish flair with first-class sound design options.

Cinematic Synth
This cinematic sound right out of Hollywood's dream factory will push your speakers to the limit and get your listeners dancing. Synthetic basslines, oscillating leads and futuristic arpeggios combine to create a rich tapestry of sound.

Raise voices. With this sonorous instrument you can combine three different kinds of choir - female, male and mixed voice. You can also adjust room size, delay and vocal characteristics of each choir.

Folk Instruments
Use traditional folk instruments with rural USA roots for contemporary tracks and take over the dance floor. Banjo, steel guitar and bass sounds are included among others.

This elegant hand-held instrument comes in two versions: Bandoneon and Styrian Harmonica. It's the ideal accompaniment for chilled out beats, pumping club hits and traditional songs.

Additional instruments
Synthesizer DN-e1, Jazz Drums, Drum Engine, BeatBox 2, Loop Designer, Vita Sampler, Vita 2 Sample Player, LiViD, Atmos, Synthesizer Revolta 2