Vintage Effects Suite Vintage style effects bundle

A classic effects collection for modern sound design.

VST plugins Corvex, Ecox and Filtox are all based on the same intuitive control concept and authentically reproduce the natural, full sound of analog tools.

VST plugins Corvex, Ecox and Filtox

Tape machine

Ecox is an inspiring plugin for emulating realistic tape echo sounds. It even authentically reproduces system-dependent tracking fluctuations and loss of highs during each feedback.


Precise modulation

Control the frequency response of a modulation source with the Filtox plug-in. It offers a whole new bandwidth of creative possibilities for distorting synthesizer sounds (for instance filter sweeps on pads) or drum loops.


Studio legends

Corvex creates an elegant tapestry of sound with analog-style chorus and flanger effects. Add acoustic depth to instruments and make them sound fuller or create the illusion that an object is layered.


MAGIX Vintage Effects Suite

A collection of three VST plugins for outstanding sound design, with vintage style chorus, flanger, delay and filter effects.

MAGIX Vintage Effects Suite

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