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A whole new world of sounds

Your sound. Your style. Personalize your Music Maker with one click directly from the software! In our new store, you'll immediately find new soundpools and software instruments directly in the program.
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Drop the bass

Thousands of sounds from Dubstep to Trap

Start your own music production using drag & drop. Music Maker comes with up to 8,000 (Music Maker Premium) sounds, vocals and loops! The range of sounds extends from Dubstep, Trap, Hip Hop to Deep House and Techno through to Rock Pop, Soundtrack and Chillout. If this isn't enough for you, you can expand Music Maker with just a few clicks.

Dubstep - Arctic Dubstep
Hip Hop - I'm on a hustle
Trap - Dip with my squad
Rock Pop - No time
Deep House - Touchdown Miami
Jazz - Late in the bar

New Virtual Instruments

Boom, boom, clap: Pop drums

Boom, boom, clap: Pop drums

You tap the buttons, the pop drums do the dance. Visual effects show you directly in the instrument, what is going on with the sound.

Perfect for bright EDM hymns, danceable party tracks or swaggy trap tunes.

Spread your wings: Concert grand.

Spread your wings: Concert Grand

Enjoy the new concert piano in Music Maker: Noble sound and plenty of keys to experiment. What more could you ask for?

Accelerated work rhythm: Media Pool

The Mediapool is now located at the bottom right of the screen. The noticeably more modern design helps you when looking for sounds & instruments.

In addition, you have much more space for your ideas on the screen.

New and only in Music Maker Premium & Live:

Play with the beat

In Live Pad mode, you can create your music on-the-fly and produce songs using 16 virtual pads and the loop function.

This means each pad features drum, melody, vocals or bass loops which you can combine in any way you want. You can activate the track and with it, the sound, with just one click.

This way you can make music in real-time, edit and record, without skipping a beat.

In Live Pad mode, you can create your music on-the-fly.
Lead Synth

Lead Synth

Caution, electrically charged: A powerful synthesizer for producing EDM, Deep House, Techno, Trap or Hip Hop music. The best for massive lead and bass sounds.

Orange Vocoder ME

Orange Vocoder ME

The power house for vocal sounds: with the Orange Vocoder ME you can manipulate the sound of vocals or speech recordings. Perfect for effects such as robot and computer voices.

New and only in Music Maker Premium:

Church Organ

Church Organ

Holy Sh**: This software instrument authnetically reproduces the sound of a Venetian organ. So you can pull out all the stops for your sound.

Cinematic soundscapes

Cinematic soundscapes

The instrument for exotic and big-screen sounds for soundtracks. The unusual sounds are perfect as melodic elements for organic hip hop, deep house and EDM.



Sings at the touch of a button: The virtual choir is the perfect tool for creating vocal tracks using the keyboard or MIDI editor.

The choir has three different voices (male, female, mixed). Combining it with the Orange Vocoder, leads to wicked results.

MAGIX Music Maker

  • 5,000 sounds & loops
  • 6 Soundpools
  • 99 tracks
  • 6 software instruments
  • Multiple effects
  • Modular design system

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MAGIX Music Maker Live

  • 6,000 sounds & loops
  • 8 Soundpools
  • Unlimited number of tracks
  • 9 software instruments
  • Orange Vocoder ME
  • All effects + mastering
  • Modular design system + Live Pad Mode

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MAGIX Music Maker Premium

  • 8,000 sounds & loops
  • 12 Soundpools
  • Unlimited number of tracks
  • 12 software instruments
  • Orange Vocoder ME
  • All effects + mastering
  • Modular design system + Live Pad Mode

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