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Live Performance

Live Pad mode (Music Maker Live & Premium)

Feel the Beat: Live Pad mode is a fun alternative to conventional music production. Use the 16 virtual pads to play the specially designed live sets just as you would with an instrument. You can start playing a live set with drum elements, melody sections etc. all on your smartphone or tablet device. It's perfect for beat production, developing new song ideas and short jam sessions.

Live Performance

Your sound on loop

With the 16 virtual pads, you can loop pre-produced sounds and combine drums, melodies and vocals in real time.

Your sound on loop

Turn it up!

Control via USB Pad controller Control via USB Pad controller

Control via USB Pad controller

For the perfect performance, we recommend the bundle consisting of the program and a high-quality USB pad controller.

The two components are perfectly synchronized to each other and work in harmony both in the studio and on stage.

Operation via app

The Live Pads turn your smartphone or tablet into an DEM instrument for music production and fast beat sketches. Simply connect the app to Music Maker via Wi-Fi and control the virtual pads in Music Maker Live and Premium.

Keyboard control

Don't have a smartphone or MIDI controller? Then you can also easily control the Live Pads using your computer keyboard. The correct keys are displayed right on the virtual pads. Ideal for performances without any big equipment.