Music Maker Simply create music.

Produce music the easy way: Turn the fun up to the max!

MAGIX Music Maker is the go-to original for your first ever music productions. It's time to make music. Edit music. Play with audio. And now new:

Customize your version of Music Maker with more than 100 Soundpools and software instruments.

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Boom! Boom! Click!

Boom! Boom! Click!

It works just like a puzzle: Combine massive bass sounds with beautiful pre-produced melodies and thrilling drum grooves.

Playfully simple.

Playfully simple.

Electronic beats, out-of-this-world sounds and elegant melodies: Play your own music easily on your PC using the mouse and keyboard.

Record. Mix. Share.

Record. Mix. Share.

More power for your sound: bring your music to the next level with professional effects and mastering tools.

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"An all-around package for a great price!"
Review Music Maker 2016 Live

TopTenReviews 2016

"Magix Music Maker is a simple program for producing creative musical compositions."
Review Music Maker 2015 Premium 17.09.2015

MAGIX Music Maker 2016 Live is truly a top-notch music program [...], 17.09.2015

Control your studio via the app

At your fingertips: Control Music Maker using your smartphone or tablet with the free MAGIX Audio Remote app.

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Make your own music! Completely mobile.

With the Music Maker Jam app you can take your studio with you! Simply import your projects into MAGIX Music Maker for further editing on PC.

Music Maker Jam free app
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The Update Service is our promise to continue optimizing and developing Music Maker. Software with Update Service will regularly receive new features, plug-ins and templates throughout the course of one year. (Yeah!) You can start using it for an unlimited time right after the first installation. If you need to reinstall the program after a year, you will get the version that was available at the time of the purchase. After the one-year update service has expired, you can extend it for a discounted price.
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About Music Maker

Since 1993, MAGIX Music Maker has enabled millions of people to create their own music. We have perfected our music software year in and year out and as a result, have won over 140 award for our efforts. Thanks to our sound designers and musicians who record everything that makes noise, we have been able to produce thousands of new loops, effects and sounds – which is an art just by itself – offering users the ability to create music that sounds exactly the way they want it to. We believe that making, optimizing and editing music shouldn't be difficult but rather lead to brilliant and professional results.

Our software developers take each and every step to reach perfection in Music Maker. To them, programming is also a language of love. Although not everyone can see the beauty between ones and zeros, anyone will feel the quality and love that has always been at the heart of Music Maker. It’s a sure thing that we will continue to do our best and let anyone, regardless of experience, make music and have loads of fun while doing it!

MAGIX Music Maker

  • 5,000 sounds & loops
  • 6 Soundpools
  • 99 tracks
  • 6 software instruments
  • Multiple effects
  • Modular design system

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MAGIX Music Maker Live

  • 6,000 sounds & loops
  • 8 Soundpools
  • Unlimited number of tracks
  • 9 software instruments
  • Orange Vocoder ME
  • All effects + mastering
  • Modular design system + Live Pad Mode

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MAGIX Music Maker Premium

  • 8,000 sounds & loops
  • 12 Soundpools
  • Unlimited number of tracks
  • 12 software instruments
  • Orange Vocoder ME
  • All effects + mastering
  • Modular design system + Live Pad Mode

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