Vandal Virtual guitar & bass amplification

Custom amp design.

What could be better than designing your own amp? With the program's variable interface for amps and cabinets, you can combine components from different amps and speakers. This lets you customize your sound and manipulate it according to your needs.

Virtual guitar amplifier

Handcrafted. Built from scratch.

The Vandal bass and guitar amp doesn't try to emulate the sound of some analog amp, but rather sends the plugin signal through its own virtual chain comprising stomp box, amplifier, speaker and microphone - All clean, crunch, hi-gain and lead sounds are formed through amplifiers with emulated output. This gives these amps an honest, clean sound that responds to the skill of the musician and the instrument's sound.

Handcrafted. Built from scratch.

The power of instinct.

The intuitive program interface is based on how professional guitarists and bassists work with tube amps, stomp boxes and other hardware and lets you get started right away.

The power of instinct.

Artists on Vandal

24 stomp boxes

Develop your own sound with customizable pedalboards - whether you're playing metal, funky, jazz or surf guitar. You can add up to four different effects pedals for overdrive, distortion, modulation,delay, echo, or a 7-band EQ.

Effect pedals Effect pedals

Distorts guitars, basses and everything around it with its heavy sound.

It's about to get loud! The cabinet section in Vandal contains a number of virtual speakers in different sizes (10", 12" and 15"), models and materials for guitars and bass.

Virtual speaker

Microphones in a class of their own

Change the position, distance to amp and the volume of the three microphones (2x dynamic and 1x condenser) to set the optimal sound.

Microphones (dynamic & condenser)

Virtual effects rack at end of the signal chain

We've integrated an additional, comprehensive effects rack at the end of the signal path for those effects that don't always sound good "before" the amp. It's yet another option for adapting the sound to your needs.

Virtual effects rack

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MAGIX Vandal

Vandal brings the sound and feel of analog guitars and bass amps to your DAW via VST.

MAGIX Vandal
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