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Additonal sound libraries

Acoustic & Electronic Drums

A fine-tuned collection of acoustic and electronic drums with authentic sound and feel.

MAGIX Independence Acoustic & Electronic Drums
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Acoustic & Electric Pianos

This collection of classic and electronic pianos offers outstanding dynamic range, crystal-clear sound and unique recordings.

MAGIX Independence Acoustic & Electric Pianos
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Acoustic & Electric Guitars

The guitar sample library packs a powerful punch with precise articulation and attention to sound nuances.

MAGIX Independence Acoustic & Electric Guitars
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Acoustic & Electric Basses

4-string, 5-string, fretless, electronic and acoustic bass guitars in a whole different range of techniques and playing styles: fingered, thumb, slapped, picked, vibrato and hammer-ons.

MAGIX Independence Acoustic & Electric Basses
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Old School or New School? This exquisite collection of carefully sampled digital and analog synthesizers delivers a varied palette of synthetic sounds.

MAGIX Independence Synthesizers
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Symphonic Orchestra

Featuring complete string, brass, woodwind and percussion sections, this incredible sample library has a trove of dynamic audio characteristics.

MAGIX Independence Symphonic Orchestra
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Orchestral Strings

Exciting, dramatic, epic or sentimental: this sound library is destined for composing modern film music and complex string arrangements.

MAGIX Independence Orchestral Strings
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Saxophone & Brass

A breathtaking brass section for jazz, classical, rock or big band arrangements. The samples have all been recorded at various dynamic levels and with different playing styles.

MAGIX Independence Saxophone & Brass
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World, Ethno, Orchestral & Industrial Percussion

Djembes, tamtams, tablas, taikos, darabukas, shakers, chimes, bongos, congas - a vibrant collection of percussive elements from all over the world.

MAGIX Independence World, Ethno, Orchestral & Industrial Percussion
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