Sequoia Audio production, broadcasting and mastering par excellence.

Feel at home in leading mastering studios.

For the avant gardists among the mastering engineers, Sequoia provides much more than just a familiar working environment.

Sequoia's mastering area not only contains excellent plug-ins, such as linear EQ, but also streamlined workflows and data exchange in line with industry standards (e.g. DDP export).

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Artists on Sequoia

Classic. Yet anything but conventional.

The success of classical productions depends on each and every detail and nuance.

It is with this premise in mind that we developed the source destination cut and multi-synchronous cut features. This allows you to combine different concert recordings into a single whole in the blink of an eye. Sequoia: From principles to perfection.

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Our Sequoia recommendation:

LC1 – Continuous Loudness Control

The LC1 – Continuous Loudness Control plugin is available separately for Sequoia and other DAWs and is based on an algorithm capable of normalizing audio signals in accordance with international standards in real time. This newly-designed method consists of a combination of complex, patented technologies and makes it possible to adjust signal dynamics on the fly to match defined values.

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