Music Maker Simply create music.

Edit audio

Find your own sound in a heartbeat. Cut music, mix all your tracks in the integrated mixer and add effects to whatever you want. The results are simply great.

VocalTune 2  

The right sound gets the crowd going. Connect your microphone, record vocals and correct out of tune notes using the new optimized VocalTune 2 tool.

This tool displays your recordings as simple waveforms. This way, you can easily adjust or creatively shift pitches without any compromise. Of course, you can also use the classic auto tune effect and creatively edit your voice.

VocalTune 2  

Pitch bar

When you change the pitch of an object, Music Maker automatically adjusts all the underlying objects and sounds. This lets you create a bridge or chorus even faster – without always having to completely redevelop the complete arrangement for that section.

Pitch presets

Turn brainstorms into complete songs. The pitch presets allow you to turn a small selection of sound presets into a complete piece with intro, refrain & bridge in a wide range of pitches or harmonies for even more diversity.

Audio converter

Sometimes you need your music in a very specific format – for a large system, for your smartphone or for sending beats to other producers or rappers! Music Maker allows you to conveniently import all your songs and audio files and export them in the format of your choice (e.g. MP3 or WAV).

Create CDs

Got a burning passion for music? Music Maker burns your music for you. You can combine several songs into one project and thus put together your own album.

MIDI Editor

Edit your recordings, audio and MIDI files with powerful professional tools.

Piano scroll view

Easily develop your own melodies, rhythms, chords or complex arrangements using your mouse or keyboard – you really don't need to have any previous music making experience. Ideas created in this way can be played using the virtual instruments in Music Maker. You can also change their timing and volume afterwards.

Piano scroll view


You can either uniformly display your MIDI data as MIDI tracks or add technical information about the velocity in color. This way, not only do you know which sounds are being played at a given moment, but how loud each individual sound is.

Drum Editor

When you've selected one of the virtual drum machines in Music Maker, you can use the drum editor to precisely identify which note is assigned to which part of the drum kit (drum, snare & hi-hat). This makes editing your recorded drums a lot easier.