Music Maker Control The instrument for your music production

For a strong performance

USB keyboard

USB keyboard

Music Maker Premium

Software MAGIX Music Maker Premium

Sticker set for Live Pad mode

Sticker set for Live Pad mode

More than just a keyboard.

49 keys – unlimited options: Use the USB keyboard from Music Maker Control to play melodies and chords in Music Maker, operate the Live Pad mode or control the virtual synthesizers, samplers and drum machines. You're not getting just one instrument - you're getting them all.

Plug in. Play. Flip out.

Ready for takeoff: The easy-to-transport USB keyboard is immediately detected by your computer and Music Maker Premium. There's no need to install any additional drivers or configure any other settings.

Performance Mode

Play the new Live Pad mode in Music Maker with your keyboard. Activate drums, melody parts or bass sounds from pre-produced loop sets and record the entire session. We recommend working with the provided sticker set for an even better live experience.

First, lay down your sounds – and then it's all eyes on you.

With the pitch and modulation wheel, you get your guitar sounds screaming right along with the crowd! Change the pitch in real time and give your music even more character.

Enhanced playing experience. With the virtual instruments.

With MAGIX Music Maker you play it all. Every instrument has its own sound. Every sound has a different story - and you get to decide how that story is told. Let yourself get carried away. Be inspired by the professional software instruments.

Concert Grand - 12 Etudes No. 11 Winter Wind
Concert Grand - Pop
Church Organ - Rock
Church Organ - Score
Pop Drums - Electric
Pop Drums - Acoustic

The hardware in detail:

  • Mobile keyboard with easy operation
  • 49 large keys with dynamic velocity
  • USB MIDI data exchange
  • Connections: USB, MIDI Out, sustain pedal
  • USB power supply included
  • Pitch bend and modulation wheel
  • Octave switch (+/-)

The software in detail:

  • Intuitive music software with recording, mixing, mastering & MIDI functions
  • 12 professional software instruments:
    Concert Grand, Church Organ, Cinematic Soundscapes, Choir
    Drums: Pop Drums, Drum Engine, Jazz Drums
    Synthesizers: Lead Synth, DN-e1, Revolta 2, Vita 2, Vita Sampler
  • Interface for VST3 and VST2 plug-ins
  • Live Pad mode with 30 Live Sets
  • circa 8,000 sounds, loops and vocals in 7 pitches each
  • 12 Soundpools: Dubstep, Techno, Deep House, Hip Hop, Jazz, Rock Pop, Trap, Brasil 66, Score, Chillout, Dance, Ambient