SOUND FORGE Advanced audio waveform editor for PC

Professional editing

SOUND FORGE Pro 11 is the editor's choice for shaping audio in an infinite variety of ways. Our latest edition comes prepared to deliver broadcast ready, master quality finished products right out of the gate, using its own popular built-in signal and effects processing tools as well as premier contributions from our staple of high-end DSP developers.

Event mode improvements

Convert regions to events, lock event markers, region markers, and envelope points to events, and automatically ripple successive events forward in time while editing.

Event mode improvements

Seamlessly sync with SpectraLayers Pro

Transfer audio data between SOUND FORGE Pro and SpectraLayers Pro and experience the thrill of working freely across the world's premiere waveform and spectral editing applications. Open a large file in SOUND FORGE Pro and transfer selections of any size to SpectraLayers Pro for fast, precise editing, then bring the result back to the source file in SOUND FORGE Pro - automatically and with sample-accurate precision.

Send multiple files to SpectraLayers Pro for deep layering, remixing, and sound design work, and then return your finished products back to SOUND FORGE Pro 11 for further editing, processing, and finalization.
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Seamless interoperability with SpectraLayers Pro

Workflow Features

Multichannel file editing and processing

Open, edit, and save multichannel audio data from XDCAM™, field recorders, and surround mixes, with sample accurate precision.

Multitask background rendering

Work on one file while SOUND FORGE Pro 11 software processes another in the background.

ACID loop creation tools

Create your own loops for use in ACID software. Use grid lines to visually divide audio selections into equal parts based on time signature. Refine your loops in the Loop Tuner, and then embed basic ACIDization metadata to get a head start on making your own perfectly ACIDized loops and samples.

Interface customization

The SOUND FORGE Pro 11 user interface is fully customizable. Waveform and envelope colors, markers, and default window heights can be customized to fit your workflow.

Customizable layouts

Design SOUND FORGE Pro 11 editing environments to maximize your productivity. Create and save multiple interface layout configurations for single- and dual-monitor systems. Easily recall a window layout for specific editing tasks including audio editing, CD layout, multichannel file editing, and more.