Music Maker on SoundCloud

Share your tracks with other Music Maker users in the SoundCloud community.

SoundCloud enables musicians to present their work to a wider audience and build a fan base. MAGIX itself already has a number of SoundCloud channels. But you can also use SoundCloud to share your music and experience with other Music Maker users in the community. Here's a quick overview of our channels:

The official MAGIX SoundCloud channel:

Listen, share and comment on the latest songs created using Music Maker Soundpools and Live Sets. Or get inspired by demos of our virtual instruments.

Music Maker Jam app:

The free Music Maker Jam app for iOS, Android and Windows 8 lets you express yourself musically in a whole range of ways and enables you to become part of a global community. Listen now:

Share your music with other users:

"The MAGIX Music Makers Community" SoundCloud channel has been created by our own users. It's a fantastic place to share your tracks and get feedback. Everyone's welcome to join in.